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trimountain logic has developed a customized unique tool that turns your agency into a coverage recommendation resource,

driving new digital leads in a cost-effective manner.


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Everybody knows that post covid-19, insurance marketing has changed.  How can you prospect for new business when you can’t visit your network, and walk-ins have dried up?  How can you attract new business when your customers are at home, working online?

Go to where the prospects are with valuable information they can’t get anywhere else!

Insurance recommendations and reports that drive online business development

Over 77% of small business owners surveyed don’t know or are unsure if they have the right insurance coverage to protect their business.  Chances are, their current agent hasn’t taken the time to walk them through their exposures, what the appropriate insurance coverage solutions would be, and assisting with setting proper limits and deductibles.  Although it’s not well known, according to our research, 67% of small business customers feel that the key driver in their insurance buying decision is having a trusted advisor who gives them proper coverage (price is only the third-most important consideration).

Trimountain Logic’s Insurance Coverage Navigator turns your agency into a coverage recommendation resource, driving new digital leads in a cost-effective manner

Insurance Coverage Navigator’s AI-based algorithm asks a few simple questions that drive recommended coverages and limits.  Prospects get a full report branded in your style.  Your staff gets all the relevant data, and spends less time prospecting and more time closing actionable leads. 

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